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10 Reasons to Book a Mini Cab for Your Office Christmas Party

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November 27, 2019
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10 Reasons to Book a Mini Cab for Your Office Christmas Party

The office Christmas party season is almost upon us! Have you got your transport organised? Here are 10 reasons why you should book a cab.

#1. Christmas parties for most people mean dancing, eating and enjoying a few drinks. And why not? You deserve to let your hair down after a year of hard work! So you can properly relax and enjoy yourself, let U Want mini cabs be your designated driver.
#2. If you are organising transport for a number of employees, U Want mini cabs  is a great option as our fleet includes people carriers and minibuses. We also offer an account booking service which is ideal for businesses in Maidenhead.
#3. With most festive work celebrations taking place in December, the weather tends to be terrible. But don’t let this ruin your fun! Book a mini cab to ensure you travel to and from your christmas dinner in dry and warm conditions.
#4. Christmas is an expensive time for both individuals and businesses. If you are keen to keep costs low, you may find our 20% discount* on all metered fares a great deal.
#5. At such a busy time of year people often find themselves waiting and waiting in mini cab rank queues. Pre-book a mini cab to get you home without delay.
#6. Comfort is often an issue at office christmas parties, with high heels and overeating being the main comfort killers! Taking a cab between venues will help keep your feet and tummies happy.
#7. U Want mini cabs make it easy and convenient for customers to order and pay for a cab. You can book by phone, online or using our app and pay by cash, card or with a corporate account.
#8. If you have been given the task of organising the company Christmas party, you may be feeling a little stressed right now. However, with U Want mini cabs’ reliable service, the transport will be one less thing for you to worry about.
#9. Many employers worry about the safety of their staff during the Xmas party period. Hiring mini cabs for your employees is a good way to ensure they get home safe and sound.
#10. Christmas parties are all about glitz and glamour. So, if the reasons above weren’t enough to persuade you to book a mini cab for your work party, at least do it to ensure you arrive in style!
We hope to see you during the Christmas party season.

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